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Ultrasonographer Temporary Staffing Solutions

With Krislan Ultrasonix, you're able to access the most qualified and experienced diagnostic ultrasonographers in New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. Since its inception in 1989, Krislan Ultrasonix has provided temporary staffing to most area hospitals and many physician's offices. Krislan can provide staffing solutions for a little as one day or for more permanent positions lasting months.

ARDMS medical ultrasound logoKrislan Ultrasonix prides itself on the number of sonographers on staff and has the ability to provide such staffing to a facility with short notice. Our sonographers are carefully and meticulously screened as to work experience, work history, and education.

Krislan Sonographers are all ARDMS registered and possess a minimum of 5 years work experience as ultrasonographers. They are familiar with multiple exams and various equipment and adhere strictly to AIUM guidelines. Industry standard professional liability coverage is carried on each Sonographer. Additionally, every Sonographer has up-to-date credentials, health immunities, and competency evaluations. For more information, call: 603-769-3134.


    • Follicular Scans
    • First Trimester OB Scan
    • Second Trimester Full Anatomy Scan
    • Third Trimester Biophysical Profile
    • Pelvic/GYN Scans
    • Sonohystogram
    • Amniocentesis
    • Cold Ablation
    • Transrectal Ultrasound Scans
    • Transrectal Prostate Biopsies
    • Gold Seed Placement
    • Complete Urological Scans including but not limited to: Scrotal, Kidney, Penile, and Bladder
medical ultrasound
    • Periocentesis
    • Thoroughcentesis
    • Biopsies

Based locally in Amherst, New Hampshire, Krislan's primary goal is customer satisfaction. References are available upon request. Please contact us so we can be the solution to your temporary ultrasound staffing needs.

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