Krislan Ultrasonix

Concord, NH Ultrasound Imaging Center

Reasonably Priced High Quality Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging Services

Ask your doctor for a referral to Krislan Ultrasonix to help save money
on out-of-pocket health care costs. You have a choice!!

Ultrasound Services

General Office Hours

8am to 5pm

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Phone: (603) 219-0204


Krislan Ultrasonix
The Concord Center
10 Ferry Street
Suite 418
Concord, NH 03301


Cost-Effective Imaging

Diagnostic Ultrasounds can cost $1000 or more at hospitals or hospital-owned facilities.

Krislan's patients can save as much as 70% on their out-of-pocket expenses for the same high quality examinations.

Patient-Friendly Center

Our Ultrasound Center offers an atmosphere that is patient-friendly with easy access and ample parking. It is also handicap accessible.

We take pride in keeping our waiting times short. Our Ultrasound Exams typically take 45 minutes or less.

Our Sonographers

Our Sonographers are ARDMS registered and have at least 5 years of sonography work experience.

They all adhere strictly to AIUM guidelines, ensuring a safe and pleasant experience for our patients.

credit cards accepted

PLEASE NOTE: A 3% surcharge will be added for those paying with a credit card.