Our Mission at Krislan Ultrasonix

Krislan's mission is to provide consumers with an alternative to high cost ultrasound imaging in the greater Concord area.

cost savingsAt Krislan, we believe that as consumers learn about high quality, low cost alternatives, they will be able to better manage their healthcare expenditures and take personal responsibility for medical costs.

The continued escalation of healthcare costs is causing everyone to search for ways to reduce their liability. Many employers have shifted much of the cost onto employees in the form of higher deductibles or co-insurance. The burden of healthcare costs is falling now, more than ever, on consumers. Krislan Ultrasonix believes that if consumers are bearing the increasing costs, they should have more options.

Save up to 70% on your Ultrasound Examination.

At Krislan Ultrasonix Imaging Center, ultrasound examinations can cost as much as 70% less than at hospital settings for the same examinations.

That is a direct savings to the consumer. Ask your doctor to schedule your next ultrasound at Krislan. They simply need to fill out our Ultrasound Order form and fax it to us prior to the exam.

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